Choosing an original topic is very important for writing a good dissertation. The following suggestions should help you create a remarkable psychology paper:

  1. The connection between children’s eating disorders and their parents’ influence.
  2. This topic is particularly important today, because the number of people suffering from various eating disorders is huge.

    This dissertation can become a guide that parents will be able to use in order to prevent their children from developing these conditions.

  3. The effect of the “stranger danger” policy on children’s perception of others. A quantitative study.

    A study like this may help reduce the crime rate by highlighting the weaknesses of this commonly used policy. Identifying its good and bad sides will show others the problem clearer.

  4. The effects of anxiety disorders on test scores. A quantitative study.
  5. As many children today suffer from various anxiety disorders, it’s imperative to determine how these conditions affect their school performance.

    Identifying these problems will help in finding the most effective ways of treatment.

  6. How the social stigmas acquired during school years affect a person’s chances of building a successful career: a quantitative study.
  7. School bulling is a huge source of stress, regardless of its severity. This dissertation will draw the audience’s attention to the consequences of such behavior for both the victims and the abusers. This may help motivating school administrators to be more attentive to bullying and punish the perpetrators more severely.

  8. Diet and depression. Can change of diet help treating the symptoms of depression?
  9. The US takes the first place in the number of antidepressant prescriptions in the world. These drugs are extremely harmful for a human body. This is why a study that offers an alternative form of depression treatment will be welcome.

  10. Can obsessive-compulsive disorder be treated by yoga? A comparative study of several OCD patients.
  11. The nature of this disorder is neurological, but the source of the problem is considered to be beyond remedy. People suffering from this condition and those affected by them will be very interested to learn whether these symptoms can be controlled.

  12. Are teenagers that often use social networks more prone to suicides?
  13. This research will help determine the necessity of controlling teenagers’ access to social networks.

  14. Acts of civil unrest: conceptual analysis.
  15. Identifying the reasons behind these acts will help preventing them.

  16. Treatment of mental patients by the society.
  17. Determine whether the way people treat mental patients affects their chances of recovery.

  18. How effective cognitive behavioral therapy can be on pre-teens.
  19. This dissertation should clarify if children’s psyche can be influenced to reduce the risks of criminal behavior in the future.